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A Work of Heart

During the pandemic, many long term care organizations and hospitals experienced severe shortages of registered and licensed nurses.

Lakeview Christian Home, however, started recruiting international nurses to help in 2005, and was therefore able to avoid the shortages that many facilities across the country were experiencing. Since that time, they have recruited over 40 nurses, representing nine countries. The majority of these nurses arrived from the Philippines, and are employed for three-year contracts. Some have stayed far beyond their contract and others have moved to other locations but remain in contact. The common theme heard from these foreign born nurses that have stayed as well as those that have moved on is that “Lakeview Christian Home becomes your family.”

Lakeview CEO, Jody Knox, will tell you that recruiting international nurses has increased quality of care, compassion and sense of community at the organization. It has also significantly increased workforce stability as these nurses commit to a minimum of three years. These nurses are a great addition to the wonderful nursing team.

The nation recently celebrated National Nurses Week and Lakeview Christian Home honored all of its nurses that work in the Skilled Nursing Home, Home Health Care and Hospice. During that week, Chaplain, Terry McKean, performed a blessing of the hands ceremony, anointing each nurse with oil and a prayer of blessing over their hands that care for the most vulnerable of patients.



All of these special individuals are devoted to the mission of caring for the aged, sick and the dying. Their contribution to resident care at Lakeview has helped earn the honor and distinction of a 5 star facility by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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