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Home Health

Lakeview Christian Home Health expands our services to include all levels of nursing care. This home-health division is fully licensed and state certified for Medicare and Medicaid.Home Health Care Provides:
* Complete 24-hour Nursing Services by registered/licensed nurses
* Certified Nurse Assistants
* IV Therapy
* Physical Therapy
* Speech Therapy
* Occupational Therapy
* Medical Social Services
* Pain Control Management
* Wound Care
* Medical Equipment Coordinator

Home Services Benefit
* Elderly needing in-home assistance
* Patients with long-term medical needs
* Patients recovering from surgery
* Terminally ill patients
* Care-givers needing respite

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Patient Requirements for Home Services:
* Must be home bound
* Must be under care of physician
* Must have a change in condition during time of care
* Must comply with Medicare, Medicaid or insurance carrier time limits and familiar surroundings. 


In-Home Therapy

Lakeview Christian Home Health along with the therapy department at Lakeview Christian Home stands ready to provide in-home therapy services to those clients needing physical, speech, or occupational therapy. These services are provided by a professional staff of therapists who will work with the client one-on-one in the comfort and privacy of their own home. These services are provided to clients, from the newborn to the very oldest, who have a medical problem or other health related condition, illness or injuries that limits mobility, range of motion or has decreased strength, that limits their ability to move or perform functional activities as good as they would like in their day to day lives. 

If you have recently suffered an injury or illness that has limited your ability to enjoy day to day living activities and would be interested in knowing more about Therapy Services through Lakeview Christian Home Health, contact Iris Wisnoski, Home Health Director, at 575.885.4150, for more information, or contact us below.

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