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Volunteers  -- Lakeview’s Very Foundation

Every year Lakeview Christian Home participates in National Volunteer Week held the last week of April.  It’s a very fitting week to celebrate as Lakeview was started by volunteers 59 years ago.  Lakeview began with a dream of Dr. Owen Puckett, a local physician.  Dr. Puckett saw a need for a place aging seniors could live and receive care when the time arose.  He went to his local church congregation, Fox & Lake Church of Christ, and shared his dream with the elders and business men in his church.  These men came together in 1960 to make that dream a reality.  One of those men, Johnny Osborn, just happened to own a closed hotel on the banks of the Pecos River which was a perfect place to establish Dr. Puckett’s dream.

These men pulled money from their pockets to convert this beautiful property covered in pecan trees into a wonderful home for seniors.  Others used their hands for construction and remodeling, electrical work and plumbing.  Many of the women came together to furnish the facility, supply linens and towels, and equip the kitchen and dining rooms.  After these volunteers got the facility opened and received their state health department license, they spent countless hours keeping it operating.  Many, like my mother, changed the sheets, fixed hair, gardened and helped with whatever may have been needed.  They also held bake sales and enchilada dinners to help raise funds as well as talk to other churches to gain financial support.

Lakeview Christian Home’s very foundation is volunteers!  We are so blessed after 59 years to continue this tradition.  The residents love those who visit, play music, call bingo, help with church services, bring cookies and flowers, take meals to the shut-ins and on and on.  Our residents and patients in the community understand these volunteers come because they choose to, give because they want to and serve because they have great love in their hearts.  If you are ever feeling down, helping others is the greatest way to lift your spirits and we welcome you to come join this very special group who truly make a difference at Lakeview.

Terry & Ricky volunteering

Chaplain Terry McKean looks on as Resident, Rickey Phillips waters the new garden created for all to enjoy.

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