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Message From The CEO


You know how it is.  You're reading a passage in God's word.  You have read the same passage many times before, but this time your mind begins to connect the dots or in this case the scriptures.


Jesus was ethnic blind, he was status blind.  He saw all people the same way.  He saw their inner being, not their skin color or accent, or whether they were rich or poor.


He would listen to them with compassion.  He understood where they were coming from.  He came to show them a better way to live.  He cared for their physical and emotional needs.  In short, He loved them.  And the words come to us with gentle permission "Go and do likewise".


Since 1960 that's what Lakeview Christian Home has been committed to doing.  Receive the elderly no matter what their ethnic or economic status. Caring for them the way Jesus would want us to do every day in every way.


In 2018 Lakeview served over five hundred individuals.  Some through our skilled Rehab and Nursing facility programs, others through Home Health and Hospice, and still others as they have chosen to begin their aging journey in our retirement communities, River Bend and The Villages.


As a non-profit organization, your generosity over the years has blessed our residents with hope and a new life as they age with dignity in our Christian environment. Your continued support has enabled Lakeview Christian Home to make a difference in many lives and in the community we are committed to serve.



Photo of Jody, CEO of Lakeview Christian Home
Historical photo of Lakeview Christian Home

Meet The Team

Photo of Jody, CEO of Lakeview Christian Home

Jody Knox
CEO & Administrator

I came to Lakeview as a young girl and it has been my whole life.  The residents, patients, the families and staff are what make this Christian organization and its mission so special to me.

Photo of staff member Georgina Stroble

Georgina Stroble

I love working in a loving, Christian environment knowing I am making a difference in the lives of the families we serve.

Judy Nesbit
Human Resources Director

I love the mission of Lakeview and our staff who work hard every day to make our residents feel comfortable, cared for, and respected.

Photo of staff member Jeannie Watson

Jeannie Watson
Sales & Marketing Director

Working at River Bend and The Villages has allowed me an opportunity to get to know all the residents, who have become like family to me.  I absolutely love them!

Photo of Staff Member Iris Wisnoski

Iris Wisnoski

Director of Home Health

I love connecting with the patients on their level to help determine their individual needs.

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