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Charitable Giving

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Runkle Residence
Challenge Grant  $350,000

Your generous gift will help ensure the completion of our third new wing, Runkle Residence! Thank you for your donation.  Merry Christmas to you all!

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Lakeview Hospice
We believe...the patient should do it their way.  Join our "Make a Wish" and help provide a dying patient's last wishes.  Lakeview goes above and beyond to fulfill the patient's most desireable wishes.  Make a differene today with your generous contribution.

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In Loving Memory
A great way to honor those we have lost
Honor Your Loved One
Your generous gift will be received in honor of your loved one and a letter will be sent to the family notifying them of your contribution.

In Good Hands

Support Those in Need
Lakeview is blessed with friends and donors who value the opportunity to bless others through financial support and ministry. In a fifty-year partnership, many individuals, businesses, organizations and churches have joined Lakeview Christian Home in providing care for thousands of senior citizens in the Carlsbad area.

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