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  • Jeannie Watson

Choosing Between Home Health Care & Nursing Homes

Updated: May 20, 2019

As a person ages, they may struggle to live on their own without risking their safety. Every person’s situation is different of course: One individual might need home health care for only a few hours out of the day, while another might need round-the-clock care. One of the biggest decisions they might have to make is whether to stay home or move to a nursing home. If your elderly loved one needs extra care, but it’s not yet clear what the right decision is, here’s what to consider when making this important choice.

How Is the Situation Affecting You Personally?

It may feel selfish to think of yourself first, but your needs are still important, and they could also affect your loved one’s care in the long run. If you’re feeling stretched thin by the situation and struggle physically or emotionally to care for your loved one, home health care or a nursing home may prove beneficial to you both, depending on the care your loved one needs.

Does Your Loved One Prefer to Stay at Home?

📷Some people don’t mind moving to an assisted living facility. However, many prefer to continue living in the home they already know and love. If you’ve found it difficult to care for your loved one at home, but they want to stay there, home health care services can give your loved one the care they need while offering you peace of mind.

What Level of Care Does Your Loved One Need?

A person can still enjoy independence and privacy if they move to an assisted living facility, which may be necessary if their health depends on it. If your loved one has been struggling with many aspects of daily life, such as mobility or eating properly, and also exhibits considerable health problems, they may need more than home health care services.

Deciding between home health care and moving to an assisted living facility is never an easy decision, so it’s worth discussing extensively with your loved one. If you’d like to speak to a professional about your situation or have questions about assisted living options near Carlsbad, NM, get in touch with Lakeview Christian Home at (575) 885-3161. More information about their staff and retirement living facilities is available on their website.

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