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Benefits of Music in Assisted Living Care

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

When you think of all the valuable services that assisted living provides for its residents, musical therapy may not come to mind. However, music can play a valuable role in improving your loved one’s quality of life. Learn about its impact on mental health in the guide below.

1. Strengthen Memory

Music has a way of evoking memories of certain events from our past. Additionally, studies have found that music therapy is valuable in the treatment of patients with dementia, with the most success for those with mild or moderate dementia. Though the link between melodies and improved cognitive function is still not fully understood, the results speak for themselves.

2. Encourage Social Connections

Loneliness is a common problem among seniors. A retirement living facility helps combat this by putting them in close proximity to their peers, but group music therapy will take the final step and bring them together. They’ll have dedicated time each week to spend with caregivers and peers alike doing something they enjoy.

3. Improve Mood

Music has positive effects on mood and well-being for people of all ages. It stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, leaving listeners with an immediate boost of happiness. Studies have found that due to this improved mood, music therapy is effective for limiting depression in elderly people.

When the time comes to think about assisted living for yourself or a loved one, consider Lakeview Christian Home in Carlsbad, NM. We offer a warm and welcoming Christian environment for our residents, complete with music therapy services. We have provided skilled nursing care for almost six decades and are known for our personalized, attentive service. Learn more about the Assisted Living apartments and amenities on our website or call (575) 885-3161 to discuss your loved one’s needs.

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