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Nursing Home or Assisted Living?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

At some point in a senior’s life, they’ll likely need some help with daily tasks. When that time comes, you may wonder whether an older individual you love would better benefit from transitioning to assisted living or moving into a nursing home. Here is some information to help both of you decide on the best option, given the circumstances.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes feature medical staff, such as nurses, who provide seniors with around-the-clock care to address debilitating physical ailments or mental conditions, such as dementia. Additionally, those who have recently had surgery or need temporary care after a hospital stay for a stroke or heart attack may also require the many offerings of a nursing home. There, they’ll receive medication management assistance as they recover, as well as niche offerings like speech and physical therapy.

Assisted Living

Individuals who need a little help with their daily lives can benefit from living in a community. Assisted living does not offer 24/7 care, but trained staff can provide individuals with personalized support.

Some of these communities feature nursing staff while others do not, since their more mobile residents usually retain their own doctors. Seniors looking to gain limited, individualized care when they need it may choose to move to assisted living where they can live private, independent lives outside of a few specific tasks they require help with.

When a loved one is ready to transition to assisted living or a nursing home, contact Lakeview Christian Home. Our team has offered both options to area residents for more than 55 years, each staffed by compassionate, highly trained individuals. Call us at (575) 885-3161 to learn about your options. Or visit the website for information on their secure buildings, comfy rooms, and tasty meals to help seniors feel at home.

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