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Landsun Unit of Lakeview Moves to Northgate

April 22, 2021

Last year in February of 2020, Lakeview Christian Home announced its management and assumption of Landsun Homes operations.  The nursing home at 1900 Westridge has been operating at limited capacity after moving 20 residents from the Assisted Living unit at the Manor, which had to be closed down due to much needed repairs, to the Northgate Unit at Lakeview.

COVID-19 swept the US shortly thereafter and on March 13, 2020 all nursing home facilities were ordered under lockdown.  We were able to keep the virus out of our facility all summer by following strict guidelines and with ample training; however, on September 14th, the inevitable happened and our first case of COVID struck our building.  We battled the virus for months, but unfortunately lost several residents.  This further impacted our census and our ability to take on new residents.  Our Board of Directors struggled over the next few months with the heavy decision they faced of trying to keep two nursing homes open - each half full or less.

In late February of 2021 the decision became obvious and the small number of residents at the Landsun Unit were transferred to the Northgate Unit at Lakeview.

Our organization was approached by a non-profit looking for a building to purchase to house a growing need in Carlsbad and over the next few weeks, a deal was struck that seemed to fall into place as it was meant to be all along.  When one door closes, another opens, and Lakeview felt like the hand of God was assisting in the negotiations that soon followed.

Lakeview is proud to announce it has sold the Landsun Unit to Carlsbad Lifehouse, a drug and alcohol treatment center that was looking to expand.  The move is a strong, positive one for Carlsbad and a financially responsible one for Lakeview and its newly acquired Landsun Homes.

We are excited to have all of our patients under one roof and all of our new employees working together at one central location.  We know that God is blessing both organizations and much good is happening in our community.  Please continue to pray for us as we move forward serving our seniors and those in need of skilled nursing services.

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