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Available Homes

Lakeview Villages
201 E. Plum Lane

UNIT #2     

No longer a waiting list...the time is NOW

This home has undergone a complete rehab with new flooring, granite, lighting and the works!  Great location facing North on Plum Lane, this unit has an enclosed patio that looks out onto the culdesac with a gazebo in the park.  This is a larger unit, a Plan "C" with 2-BR and 2-BA's with covered carport.  

It will not last long!  Call Jeannie at 702.521.6261.  $125,000


Unit #23 - Unit #25 - Unit #9 - Unit #7

Coming Soon in the Inside Circle:

Unit #48



UNIT #17 - UNIT #38 - UNIT #21 - Unit #42

All recently sold!




These 2-BR, 2-BA lovely homes are approximately 1,250 sq ft and include a covered carport.  Appliances included are stove and dishwasher.  Resident brings their own refrigerator and washer/dryer.  These homes are being completely updated with fresh flooring, updated lighting fixtures and new paint. Many have the back patio converted into a screened porch or full conversion at no additional cost.  Pricing Follows:


                                                         Plan A                   $125,000

                                                         Plan B                   $120,000

                                                         Plan C                   $125,000 


The units are available with financing provided by Lakeview Christian Home with 25% down payment.

Please feel free to contact Jeannie Watson on mobile at 702.521.6261 for more information.  She is available at any time, including weekends.

Northgate Villages
1911 W. Pierce St.

 Now Available:

 Unit #201 - Newly remodeled and waiting for a new home-owner!  First  culdesac, very coveted location.

 Unit #216 - Now available!

 Unit #211 - Available!

                     NO LONGER A WAIT LIST!  Call Jeannie today at 702.521.6261

There are 18 Village homes at our Northgate Villages, located at 1911 W Pierce St and adjacent to our Lakeview Christian Home and Assisted Living facilities.  All homes at this location are the Plan C at $125,000, which is the largest 2-BR and 2-BA homes in our portfolio.  Each come with its own covered carport and are in 3 separate culdesacs.  

Another advantage of this campus is the close proximity to the Assisted Living Dining Room, allowing easy access to 3 home-cooked meals a day, if one wishes.  The dining room is open to residents at the Northgate Villages for a nominal fee.


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