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2022 Appeal for New Heaters / Cooling Units

Help us provide new heaters and A/C units for the nursing home with our year-end appeal!
Total cost is estimate to be $85,500.  Your gift of $1,500 will make one resident room warm.
A gift of any amount will go along way in helping with this very needed project.  We appreciate all your love and support and pray that as you plan your year-end giving, you will consider including Lakeview Christian Home.  Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!


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My mother is a resident at Lakeview Christian Home. I am amazed at the loving and caring atmosphere there. No matter when I go for a visit I see smiles and caring actions by everyone there. Even though many are overworked and they are understaffed. God Bless you all! ~Debbie Morgan Rodgers

Happy Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, I always get in the mood to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies.  From "It's a Wonderful Life" to "White Christmas" -- there is nothing better than gathering close with those you love and celebrating this season and remembering God's gift to the world through his son Jesus.

One of my favorite lyrics in White Christmas came from Bing Crosby's beautiful "Count Your Blessings".  He sings:  "When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep.  And I fall asleep counting my blessings."  Whether it's around the Thanksgiving table or as you celebrate Christmas -  I hope you will take time to "count your blessings" this year.  Maybe even take a pencil or pen or sit down to the computer (like I'm doing right now) and create a list.

In my list making this year, I will be saying a prayer of thanks for our caregivers at Lakeview Christian Home.  These past few years with COVID-19 have been hard on those in the medical field and service industry, and our team has still found a way to bless our residents through their love, their patience and their care.

I will remember the blessing of our residents and their families.  They trust us with their care, and we are honored to partner with them to create a vibrant, loving atmosphere at each of our facilities.

And I'll also thank the Lord for you -- our supporters and friends.  Because of you, we never have to turn a family away for financial reasons.  Because of you, we do not have to check our faith at the door, but we get to bring it in and spread the love of Jesus through our halls.  Because of you, we are celebrating the opening of new facilities that will allow us to care for more members of the community.  And because of you, we have been able to serve this region for more than six decades.  Thank you for blessing others.  Thank you for fueling our mission. ~Jody Knox, CEO

Puckett Place Celebrates Grand Opening

The second new wing, Puckett Place, has just been completed and Lakeview celebrated with an Open House and ribbon cutting with the Ambassadors of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce doing the honors.  Mayor Dale Janway spoke at the ceremony noting the accomplishments of Lakeview over the past 62 years.  Board Vice President JT Ross introduced a grand-nephew of Dr. Owen Puckett, Joe Puckett from Artesia. Jody Knox, CEO, thanked the sole benefactor, God's Light in the Darkness, for their generous support of Lakeview, who saw the vision and wanted to be a part of our long-term goals. 

Lakeview has been in the process of completely rebuilding the existing facility located at 1905 W. Pierce in order to bring state-of-the-art technology and services to the residents we serve.  In 2014 we completed the Heaton House, a facility with 18-rooms, a central living room and dining area, kitchen and nurse's station providing full view of the area for supervision.  Funds were raised from many individual donors and several large donors for the initial project.  

Plans for the third wing are currently underway and will also mimic Heaton House.  This wing will be smaller in order to fit existing spaces and be comparable in size to the original Heaton House.  Plans to raise the projected construction costs are currently being put together with costs expected to run approximately $4 million.  This will be the third of four pods being built at LCH that will replace the main building that was originally built in the 1950's and previous used as "Carlsbad Memorial Hospital".  This building has long needed to be brought up to date and the on-going project of four new pods that began in 2012 will do just that.  Once completed, Lakeview will have a completely new facility serving the elderly and other patients that need our care.

Annual Hospice Quilt Ceremony
Honors Long-Time Quilters


We are excited to share!

New 5* Ratings

The Annual Hospice Quilt Candlelight Ceremony was held last month and the new quilt unveiled for all to see.  A square for each Hospice patient lost during 2021 was displayed on the quilt.  Lakeview honored three long-time quilters that are retiring at the ceremony.  Marilyn Tackett has been a quilter for over 16 years; her sister-in-law, Machelle Tackett has quilted 14 years and Linda Tanner has been a quilter for Lakeview Hospice for 4 years.  Family members were able to light a candle in honor of their loved ones.

The Hospice Quilt Ceremony was started by Jan Walterscheid and Cindy Defer and has been in effect for 21 years.


"My dad was surrounded by an amazing staff that cared for him.  He loved it at Lakeview!  When we visited, he raved about his friends on staff.  I had never heard such positive things about any other nursing home.  This was truly the best place for him."

                                                                    ~Kevin Lauer

"Thank you for enriching my mother's life with prayer and song.  Thank you for spending valuable time with her and demonstrating that her life mattered.  Your caring presence contributed to her comfort and peace as it did to mine."                                                             ~Lisa B

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"Don't ever try to second guess God!  My 93-year old mother is a living miracle.  After a terrible fall in May, she went home from the hospital on a local hospice service.  After a couple of months on 24-hr care, she was taken off her medication and my mom started to come back.  We moved her to Heaton House at Lakeview in July because she was not capable of caring for herself.  After three months of care there, she was able to move into Assisted Living. She loves her apartment and tells me every day 'I can finally start living again'.  Thank you, Lakeview, for your love and support!"                                                 ~Sandy Gruber

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